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That’s amore….

That’s amore….

We do love a wedding here at Perfectly Attired….

So when one of my best friends popped the question last year whilst we were all sitting on a terrace in Italy. He bravely did it in front of what was essentially the best of the class of ’84. We were in Italy to celebrate one of our mates 50th…..friendships spanning decades.

It was one of my favourite moments ever. From there planning started and it was decided the wedding should be back in Italy.

It was an honour to create the outfit for our groom.

He didn’t want traditional, and given the heat we went with one of my favourite ranges, the silk linen min from Loro Piana. We chose separates,¬† a stunning jacket, with¬† bright red trousers, Sea Island Cotton shirtings.

It was set in a small castle for the service and translated as we went through the order.

The bride looks utterly stunning as one would expect.

The flowers just lovely….

The setting…..

One of the most beautiful back drops. Very intimate and with about forty guests.

They left the service in a rather sporty number ……

I was thrilled with the overall look…..

All the very best to Mr & Mrs Hepworth…

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