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Stars and stripes….

Stars and stripes….



Its becoming increasingly difficult to raise money for the causes that we hold dear. Its only really made possible by the people who are as committed as ourselves we meet and help us to create true impact. Those whose positive attitude aspire us to reach the goals we set for ourselves.

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Pictured with me are two fine examples of those stars but in the charity stripes. Dirk Odendaal founder and owner of and Tom Warner from my chosen charity @LordTaverners. We created Dirk a rather fabulous blazer, with the bespoke fabric on the lapel and pocket trims.

His blazer has been admired by many in the Cricket world and has subsequently led to some treasured projects. Tom and I have been working towards making the Wicketz program even stronger in Warwickshire. Pictured here modelling a rather fabulous waistcoat in the bespoke made fabric we made in the charity colours. Its been created in a gorgeous Super 150’s cloth milled here in Blighty.

For more information and to get involved, just message me. This charity is creating sporting chances for youngsters across the UK through some of the most brilliant initiatives.

Its all about the stars and stripes….!

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