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Size 10s (and three quarters)

Size 10s (and three quarters)

I love the phrase ‘put your foot in it’, You know those moments when you say something out loud you wish that maybe you hadn’t? And probably it wasn’t the worst thing after all….

Interestingly, this originated with the phrase “to put one’s foot in it” and dates back to the 18th century and means to make an embarrassing blunder in conversation. In the mid-20th century it was a popular joke to say “every time I open my mouth I put my foot in it”.But many of my clients have been putting their foot in it. On these occasions ‘it’ being a pair of Hand Dyed Shoes, my other half being no exception. He seems to be developing quite a habit, but at least its a health one….These are just two beautiful examples of Simon Bourne’s work, that he made for Gaz.

We have been working together most of this year making shoes and boots to compliment outfits that I am creating. Its a wonderful partnership as Simon has a very similar philosophy to service and clients that I do. We have made some absolutely stunning pairs. A favourite of mine being for a wedding in the Summer where we incorporated the family tartan.

So go ahead and put your foot in it!

Call me on 07525 331173 or email me for more details.

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