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Raindrops keep falling on my head…..

Raindrops keep falling on my head…..

So much for Summertime!

Did you know that the basic umbrella was actually invented over 4000 years ago. Evidence of umbrellas is highlighted in Assyrian, Chinese, Egyptian and Greek history.

These ancient pieces were originally known as parasols and provided shade from the sun. It was the Chinese, who made them waterproof first against the rain. They waxed and lacquered the paper parasols to make them water repellent.

Umbrella comes from the Latin root word “umbra,” which literally means shade. ¬†¬†James Smith and Sons was the very first Umbrella shop which opened its doors in 1830, still going strong and probably due to the dreadful weather we Brits have become well known for!

From parasols with wax, the device changed in 1852 with the introduction of steel stays by Samuel Fox, these were also used in corsets. It took another hundred years of innovation for them to have a collapsable feature. Now we see umbrella’s often feature in sports such as Golf where they can span up to 80″ and usually in bright colours.


………………………………………………..So is this a further development of the brollie?

Regardless this is still one of my favourite movies…….and its still raining!

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