Is it linen suit weather already? Why, yes, it is.. As Lydia starts making them for customers.
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Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’


Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’

A little linen love.. as Lydia prepares the first suits of the season.

linen fabrics

Its funny, April is just beginning and I already have a number of linen suits in the works. Are we all so desperate to leave winter behind us, and shed our layers?

I think so….!

Linen is such wonderful textile, made from the flax plant. Tough to manufacture but strangely it changes when made into clothing. A strong fabric, and one of the few that are stronger wet than when dry. That crumpled look is the trademark of a great linen outfit. 

Historically it was known for plain beige tones, but over the years we have seen a rainbow of colour become available.

linenlinen fabrics

linen fabrics

Flax grows all over the Mediterranean and in Asia. A tall reed-like plant it’s long fibers make it easy to spin into thread. Flax is difficult to weave because there is little elasticity which makes it far more expensive to buy than cotton, for example. This exclusivity of linen heralds from being so time consuming to produce and requires a great deal of attention during its’ nurturing.

However, it is associated with sunnier climes, warmer days, cricket and polo matches, all because of its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. All these qualities makes it a staple for the wardrobe.

Loro Piana have triumphed this year, creating a stunning range of wool, silk and linen mix fabrics which make up beautifully. Also they don’t crumple quite so much and the colour waves are vibrant and asexual. Loved by all.

But linen is my true love, and I’m very excited for my new suit to be finished. Well if you cant beat them join them right?

linen fabrics


Until next time….

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