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In Out, shake it all about….


In Out, shake it all about….

Like so many I talk to, I also find myself in a head and heart debate over whether we stay or leave Europe. It is flawed and does need a massive overhaul that I do think but would we be stronger without it. I am not sure.

I choose to do business with European partners for a number of reasons, in London I have control of my business production, and if I need to get on a plane I can see any of my other suppliers I can – all within three hours. Also it comes with a VAT neutral status.

I do feel we will become a smaller player as trade negotiations take time, and we will be a Deal Taker not Maker. What will it mean for my Industry, will more companies choose to go father afield. Sadly China is already so dominant and producing for many of the larger brands. Will it put us on the back foot and less attractive to deal with? I think it may well. I speak to as many suppliers and clients who are in pretty important roles and the feeling is we need to stay in, regardless of the nature of their Business.  imgres

I have to say, I am yet to hear a compelling argument to leave.


Pretty sure we have Nigel Farage to thank for this – come rain or shine on 23rd June our fate will be sealed.


I do however, feel its really important to vote, even through fundamentally I don’t agree with our Political system. Its our chance to be heard…

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