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I do…..

I do…..

It all starts with ‘I do’ and then the planning begins!

I always feel so privileged to be asked to commission wedding outfits. Its such an important day in ones life. So it was no different when one of my oldest clients approached me with a his very own request.

Gordon and I have known each other many, many years, so I was just thrilled to learn that Andy has said yes!

The guys live near Hampton, and both share a love of cycling and skiing as well as for their gorgeous pooch. So walking and exercising in and around in Richmond area is dear to them both. Gordon hails from Scotland, so he wanted to bring a taste of that to the day.  The venue chosen the stunning Hampton Court House.


My challenge was to create an outfit befitting. Andy is a redhead and after much consideration we decided upon teal, we then incorporated Gordon’s family tartan into the waistcoat and on to the bespoke shoes we made for him.

To say it was a triumph is an under statement. I accessorised the chaps with fabulous orange ties and made the wedding party pocket squares in the tartan. It was a stupendously beautiful day from all accounts. But don’t take my word for it rad the article below for more………

Bespoke Tailoring + Family Tartan For an Apres Ski Festival Inspired Wedding at Hampton Court House
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