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British Summertime..

British Summertime..

I wrote in my last two posts, that I truly hoped Euro16 wouldn’t be the predicable disaster it transpired to be – and that we all exercise the right to vote for Brexit. As it turns out the youth that this is really going to effect didn’t show up. 16-17 year olds were not included and a huge proportion of the country had no idea what they were actually voting for. How can this be?

Can we reboot and start the year again please….

After a rollercoaster ride, I just wanted to reflect on the fun stuff…..

Since those posts, I can report a glorious day spent at Wimbledon, it was my first time, and what a classy event that is. The atmosphere inside the court and on the hill was intoxicating. Many make such an effort to dress up and it it really did epitomise Summer for me. Plus of course the joy of watching ‘British’ Andy Murray the following weekend win the competition!

Lydia Wimbledon

That weekend I also had a musical extravaganza with Take That and Stevie Wonder. Given the first single I ever bought was Sir Juke, I was bursting with excitement. A sun blessed weekend with flip flops seemingly being the order of the day for most of the 130,000 attending the concerts over the weekend.

Lydia Stevie Wonder

It got me thinking about how having grown up with all these icons how they, their look and styles have evolved.

Last week I made it to the Pet Shop Boys and again was simply blown away. I guess as they have all been in my life for thirty years we have all grown up together.

Lydia PetShopBoys

Take That, well the moves, their polish and brawn complimented by their uber cool outfits. They are as relevant now as they always were. Certainly not missing Robbie that night, they danced with the energy of men half their age. Very cool, svelte and an utterly slick performance.

Lydia TakeThat

Stevie Wonders set of over four hours couldn’t disappoint. So many great songs. Such a privilege indeed. The stage show was less theatrical but by golly, just mind blowingly fantastic.

The Royal Opera House was the back drop for Neil & Chris. Light show par excellence, set, didn’t stop dancing and haven’t stopped singing their songs which I just cannot get out of my mind!

They are all such seasoned musicians dressing to perfection for the occasion.

Such a welcome distraction from the crazy world we are currently inhabiting.

Until next time.

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