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Monochrome set…..

Monochrome set…..

I was going through some old photos, and what really struck me was the black and whites. Not just because of the people in them, but the effect. I have been thinking lots about people who have been in my life and the advice they have given me over time. Mummy, ‘ darling, the moral high ground has a much nicer vista’, has kept me in good stead over the years….

My parents on their wedding day, Pops in a morning suit of course and our mother Hazel in a stunning dress made by a London designer, she modelled for Liberty in her younger days, I still have the dress. I just absolutely love this photo, & always will. It’s nineteen years ago since she went on ahead so photos and memories become even more important to revisit.

I never had a brother but in the last ten years, Chris has become just that, his advise ‘its a roman road, keep focused and you will get there’ so very true and has got me through dark recent times. And this photo was taken at New Years a few years ago, it’s another of my absolute favs, dressed up to the nines and in the company of wonderful people, does it get any better. Or was it just an illusion!

And PG, sorely missed by all that knew him, his ability to put himself together, with such style. He was always perfectly attired for any occasion. Mostly suited and booted, he was the most stylish gentlemen I have ever known. The setting with the black and white I thought counted, this was such a great suit we made him. He was a patriot man, so British fabric, of course…..


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