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Light at the end of the tunnel?

Light at the end of the tunnel?


Well hello there!

It feels like things are starting to move again. The workshops are talking about firing up the machines and bringing in staff soon. I have been unable to see clients and deliver all the beautiful clothes we have in the works, but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel ahead.

Pictured here is our lovely (Sporty Accountant) & Financial Director Andy Robinson modelling his new outfit, which was delivered just before this time of isolation. It seems like a lifetime ago. I asked him for a photo. This made me smile. As has the news that things are turning around, albeit it slowly. I hope I can get back to doing what I love very soon. I have truly missed my clothing business. I hope this makes you smile too.

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I have been keeping busy with one of our other concerns, so in many ways I am very fortunate as I think coming out of this brain, body and business fit is really important. Many clients have warned me they may not fit into their outfits. I think I could be doing a few alterations!!

We have a new shirt supplier who are making these awesome facemasks here in Blighty,

they come with matching hanky, funds are going to the NHS. Cool heh…!

PM me if you would like to order a set.

Onwards and upwards…



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