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How do they do it?

How do they do it?

After our consultation, I am often asked how long will it take until I can enjoy my beautiful new clothes….and I say there is a process which will take a little time.  We have often looked at a number of fabrics upon our initial meeting, but tend to come back to them after we have measured. By which time, we have chatted about lifestyle and what makes sense to add in to ones rotation.

I was always taught to measure twice and cut once. Once the patterns are drawn up and in the works, the magic truly continues. Great skill is needed in creating a beautifully fitting outfit.

Whether it’s a three piece suit, overcoat, casual outfit or simply a fabulous jacket. The moment you put it on for the first time is such a special feeling. It hugs your body like a second skin.


Life really is too short not to have your clothes made.

Just for you…….

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