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The world seems to be moving around a bit more, and many clients have been in touch asking about us creating them a new look. I think after the lock down time that has passed, whether its a change in diet, a loss /gain of weight, change of hair colour tones or simply that they just want to freshen their look up…..

With the sun streaming down across the UK, it feels like there are brighter days ahead but the need to be in formal suits is changing towards a more smart casual wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I have many clients who just love wearing a suit, but working from home has precluded that greatly.

Thankfully Loro Piana have once again triumphed with their stunning range of beautiful jacketings….

Is it time to rework your wardrobe and introduce some brighter tones? If so just ping me a private message over and we can arrange a time to meet up. Most of my meeting are at clients homes but of course we can work out whatever is best for you.

Be assured we have you covered!

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