Waistcoat Wednesday

For any one I have already made clothes for, knows that I am a massive fan of the waistcoat. They all have at least one suit or outfit with one. We make it in either single or double-breasted styles, the waistcoat is designed to be worn underneath a suit or jacket. Its also a great […]


We have been proud to make clothes for a number of up and coming superstars…and DJ Bennett is no exception to our list. At 24, he is not only a super nice young man but a very stylish and uber talented Golfer with a big ambition to win. DJ has also become a Sporting Ambassador for […]

Devils in the detail…

With the news that our brand Ambassador Stephen Handisides has secured a TV show in the US, with UK coverage. So we wanted to make some new outfits for him to look as sharp as possible when talking about the Modern Male Mindset. We cant wait to see him on screen in our creations. Steve […]

Ones to watch – meet Zack Charilaou

  Zack had been with Gaucho since he left school in 2007 at the tender age of 16. He began at the bottom, as a part-time bar-back at Gaucho’s mammoth, award-winning Manchester restaurant. Spotted immediately by Phil Crozier, Gaucho’s director of wines, as possessing extraordinary talent as a fledgling sommelier, he quickly moved through the […]


“Fore!”, was originally an Australian interjection, it is used to alert anyone standing or moving in the direct line of a golf ball. … Caddies were often warned about oncoming golf balls by shouting”fore-caddie” which was eventually shortened to just “fore!” Proud to support the 8th Annual Charity Golf Day for Oracle Trust again, which was held on […]

Raindrops keep falling on my head…..

So much for Summertime! Did you know that the basic umbrella was actually invented over 4000 years ago. Evidence of umbrellas is highlighted in Assyrian, Chinese, Egyptian and Greek history. These ancient pieces were originally known as parasols and provided shade from the sun. It was the Chinese, who made them waterproof first against the […]